SBE – The modern

Management Agency

Founded by footballers for footballers!

Why SBE?

“During our active careers, we have been on the look-out for the perfect consultant, and have got to know many along the way. But we were nowhere 100% happy, so we decided to launch our own modern management agency – from footballers to footballers!“

Philipp Degen

Philipp Degen

It's all about the players!

We can talk to you as peers, because we ourselves have experienced doubt and defeat, but have also celebrated success in the world of professional football.

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Tobias Kuhlmann

Social media is the future in professional football!

Social media is everywhere. Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Professional channels are the key to getting more out of your career!

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Our network for you!

SBE has a unique skills set, consisting of 30 years of football experience and innovative management - all to benefit your career!

What does SBE have to offer you?

360 ° management just for you!

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