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Football has changed a lot

in the last 10years!

The demands placed on the players have increased significantly. As a player today, you not only have to deliver top performance on the field every day, you also have to deal with the media, journalists, sponsors, advertising partners and various social media channels.

Marketing & PR

Football today is no longer just a sport. It is an entertainment industry that changes everyday. Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in PR & Personality Marketing, and have worked with some of the biggest stars around.

Our specialist

Social Media

Social media is everywhere. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. From advice – to strategy – to professional support. We support you with our know-how and work with our experts to create the perfect appearance for you.

Our specialist


We develop a personal career plan together with you. You don’t just interact with one person – as we understand it, we’ll put together a whole team of specialists to plan your career.


With modern and sustainable insurance strategies, our independent experts ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities, and that you keep keen eye on all financial risks.


We work with the best lawyers. No one specific lawyer is decisive – every country, every league, every association is different and requires a local expert. This is why we don’t simply rely on one legal expert, but rather we work with a worldwide network of the best lawyers in sport.


We plan your sustainable financial future together with you. Various specialists within financial management are there to help you to ensure that you can also enjoy your income beyond your career.

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